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Happy Birthday to Me
OK maybe not happy, but another birthday come and gone.

Toccoa House Trout Trip
Another trip to the Toccoa House and I have posted pictures in the My Pics section.  I caught some trout and even kept a couple for dinner.


Gallery Update
Another nice sized update of the Galleries.  Enjoy!  Check out the Image History page for the additions or All Galleries web page for a complete list of galleries.


Got Married!
Well I am officially married as of the 17th... feels the same but I get to say wife and husband now rather than girl/boyfriend.  Other than that doesn't seem like anything has changed.  The wedding weekend was awesome in Blue Ridge at the Toccoa House and I have posted pictures in the My Pics section.  You can send me a wedding gift by going here:  Cameron & Nancy... you will be redirected to the Buy Our Honeymoon site!

Cameron's Computer Build
A few more changes to the machine but mostly A LOT of hard drive failures.  I am already sending three back for warranty.  Added a cheap soundcard since my onboard was freaking out as well as a powered USB hub for more accessories.

Website Update
Even more updates to my Cam's Kawasaki Versys page.  New lights for the bike!

Fixed a bug in the My Pics section of my site.  The menu wasn't being updated properly so a lot of old menu items were listed and none of the new ones were.  Also cleaned up a few web pages so that linked sites open up in a new window.

Kick Ass Utilities
I ran across Switch Sound File Converter which works great for converting music into ringtones.  I also fell in love with NoteBurner which emulates a CD-R drive allowing you to virtually burn iTunes files and convert them to MP3.  Very handy at least for me. 


Cameron's Computer Build
I am constantly upgrading my PC to keep up the performance and to keep down costs.  Rather than buy a new machine every couple years I spend a few hundred each year and keep it upgraded.  Anyway, I decided to create a quick web page showing my computer in its latest incarnation so others might find the information useful.  You can find the new page at My Computer on the left or following the link provided.


Website Update
Just when you thought I couldn't put any more on there...  more updates to my Cam's Kawasaki Versys page.  New farkle on the bike!

I went through and updated a bunch of the site.  I removed numerous pages that were WAY out of date, I updated the following pages: Automobile, Delphi, Programmers Philosophy, Airsoft, More Me and Links.

Kick Ass Utilities
I ran across two freeware (well donate-ware) utilities that are truly worthy of posting.  The first is MZ Ultimate Tweaker which basically allows you to tweak WinXP and make it all that it can be.  EXTREMELY useful. 

The second utility is MP3Gain which goes through your MP3 collection and normalizes the audio so that one song isn't dramatically higher than the next.

I have added both to my new Kick Ass Products page.


Website Update
More updates to my Cam's Kawasaki Versys page.  It includes several new accessories I have installed..


Website Update
I updated my Cam's Kawasaki Versys page with some more information.  I also created a new webpage with some of the gear and equipment I use called Motorcycle Gear.


Motorcycle News
I traded my Katana and bought myself a new bike.  It is a 2008 Kawasaki Versys and I love it.  You can see more about it by going to my webpage Cam's Kawasaki Versys.

Website Update
I also started my own Versys Owners Club which is basically a forum for people to gather and share their Versys info.


Website Update
Well for all you people that kept asking... I finally got off my butt and here it is.  Keep the emails coming when you want stuff.  I don't always get a chance to reply but I do listen.Check out the Image History page for the additions or All Galleries web page for a complete list of galleries.

Me News
SOLD!  I sold my company and I am now back working for the man.  We did pretty good out of the entire deal and the new company is even better.

Sold my reef aquarium and bought a... BAR!  Have been doing a lot of work around the house sprucing up the place as well.

MARRIED!  I am getting married this year.  We are still working out the details but it will likely be soon!

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