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04/23/2011 05:08 PM


Website News
Updated some of my web pages throughout the site since some of the info was out of date.


Gallery Update
Finally got around to posting a bunch of new pics in the image galleries.  Check out the Image History page for the additions.

Website News
In preparation of the upcoming Champions Online MMO, I have decided to put up an online Superhero/Supervillain name generator.  Unlike many others, I have tried to create a pretty extensive list of quality names that aren't just a rip off of an existing trademarked name.  You can try it out by following this link: Super Name Gen.

Cleaned up a variety of older webpages that didn't work with the navigation structure.  I will be working on making the Image Galleries more Google Chrome friendly.


Website News
I moved my Motorcycle Zen page up front since that is probably my #1 hobby these days and it stays somewhat updated.  I also created a new page under it called Motorcycle Tips.  I added a quick one about using Google Maps and sending it to your Zumo.


Me News
We lost our incredible dog Haley on Monday this week.  She was more than a typical best friend and I should know I still have two running around the house acting crazy.  If you have a moment, swing by and check out a little section I carved out for her.

Website News
I put my Triumph Sprint ST page up and listed the Versys as sold.  No pics yet but I do have all the parts, mods and accessories listed.  I also updated my Motorcycle Gear Review list and added a dozen reviews to it.


Website News
I am blasting a big chunk of my website since I don't keep it updated much anymore with the exception of My Pics and Image Galleries.  Nothing new really just lots of stale stuff gone.

Me News
Just got back for the Eastern Caribbean on an NCL cruise, got certified to dive and life otherwise is pretty good.

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