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EMS MS SQL Manager - I loved it with Interbase and I love it for SQL Server.  Without a doubt this is the best database management program I have ever used for ANY database.  It handles everything that you could pretty much ever want to do.  They also make other database products including Interbase, MySQL and Postgress.

Tips and Scripts

Clear Cache for Query Testing - Here is a quick little script I found for clearing the database cache so you can get idea of how fast a query actually takes.

Duplicate Row Check - Here is a sample query that will find rows that have been duplicated in a table.

Table and Column Information - Here is a HOW TO guide on displaying table information, column information, and table dependencies.

Display the Spaced Used by a Table - Gives a read out on how much a table consumes in bytes.

Execute a Command Against All Tables - Here is a real quick way to run a single command against all tables in a database.  Included is an example showing the space used in the database by each table.

Fragmentation, Reclaim Space and Check Integrity - Lists the handy DBCC commands to display fragmentation, clean up and verify tables in the database.

Place a Tables Data Pages into and out of Memory - This can improve performance by forcing SQL Server to load certain tables into memory.

Indentifies Duplicate Indexes - Neat little script for finding duplicate indexes.  Requires SQL Server 2000 or better.

Tables by Size in Order - This script returns a really clean display of tables with their size.

Displays DB, Log, and Slack Space in Bytes - This simple script tells you how big and how much room are left in both a database and its log file.

Shows How Fast a Database is Growing - This wonderful script will show you how big and fast a database is growing.


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