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Tip #1 - Using Google Maps and a Garmin Zumo

This sounds easy, but it is actually a pain if you have no idea how to do it.  This is one of the ways I found that works and at least to me is the easiest.  You need the following software installed:

bulletGarmin Mapsource - Comes with the Zumo and you need to have the maps installed.  You will also want to upgrade to the latest version online. 
bulletZumo Firmware - You will want to make sure you have the latest version as well.
bulletPONI Killer - http://www.fes-software.nl/zumo/unflag.zip
bulletGMapToGPX - http://www.elsewhere.org/journal/gmaptogpx

Now that everything is installed and up-to-date here are the quick instructions:

  1. Create your route in Google Maps however you like
  2. Click on the GMapToGPX bookmark in your toolbar
  3. Save the generated GPX to whatever file name you like
  4. Load the file in MapSource
  5. Recalculate the route(s) in MapSource
  6. Save the file in MapSource overwriting the file you just loaded
  7. Load PONI killer and convert the file
  8. Load the new "XXX Unflagged" file in MapSource
  9. Send the route from MapSource to your GPS
  10. Make sure your GPS has Auto Routing Turned Off

So why all the steps.  Well first you have to get the Google Maps into GPX format so it can be loaded, manipulated and sent to the GPS.  I am sure you are wondering why you need PONI Killer.  If you don't you will be interrupted every time you get to a place where you "shaped" the route, then you need PONI Killer.  Basically every place you dragged the route in Google Maps created a waypoint.  This waypoint will be announced (and it gets annoying) each time you approach and pass it.  PONI Killer in a way removes the waypoint but leaves the route in tact so all you hear are the turns and not a bunch of excessive notifications.  Problem is PONI Killer doesn't recognize the format generated by GMapToGPX so steps 4-6 creates a file it can understand.  Step 10 has you turning off the Auto Routing.  If you don't do this the GPS will quickly re-route and likely to the fastest or shortest path to your destination.

An alternative is to use Harley Davidsons Ride Planner for steps 1 and 2.  You still need to do the other steps if you don't want the annoying waypoint messages while navigating.


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