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Torry's Delphi Page - This is one of the best places for finding component, applications, and other Delphi code.  Great search and all the code is located on his servers so the links don't expire like other web pages.

Dr Bob's - Dr Bob's is one of those great news sites for Borland products.  I check here at least once a week to get the scoop on Delphi.

GExperts - If you don't have it, get it.  If you have it, check in and see if there is a new one.  The best freeware Delphi Editor plugin made.

Favorite Delphi Controls

Addict - The best spellchecker and thesaurus component on the market.  It interfaces well with WP Tools (link below) as well.

DevExpress - Definitely the best grid I have ever used.  They also have some kick butt edit controls.  They now even have a Spreadsheet component that reads and writes Excel files.

Exception Magic - If you don't know what this is, go and download it.  Every product should run this control.

Report Builder - I haven't used the new Delphi 7 Rage report engine, but I have used just about every other Report Builder out there.  This one is powerful, easy to use, and just works.  Three of my favorite features.

TeeChart - The premier charting component for Delphi.  The lite version comes with Delphi, but the fully functional one does a lot more and even prints in Report Builder.

WP Tools - How MS Word stays in business with this toolset laying around, I have no idea.  This is a very cheap way to include a built in Word Processor into your program that does everything a user needs.  It even stores the files as a standard RTF with the extended features like tables stored as comments in the RTF.  I can't say enough about how truly cool and powerful this code is.  Oh yeah, it works with Report Builder as well.


Other Useful Sites

Wotsit's Format - Data formats for just about every file type (DOC, XLS, RTF, GIF, JPG just to name a few).

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