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04/23/2011 04:45 PM


1998 XR400R

Engine/Intake/Exhaust Mods

First, a pipe and a rejet is in order on these bikes.  I went with the Big Gun exhaust and a 60 pilot 162 main.  In addition, I punched up the intake with a K&N air filter.  It isn't a race bike, but I have tons of torque and plenty of speed now.  Also, starting is MUCH improved along with throttle response.

Suspension Mods

Next up on the mods list is the suspension.  I am a really big guy (280 lbs) so I needed a beefy suspension.  The rear has always been fine for me.  I just notched it up a bit.  The front however is set for a 150lb novice rider.  Rather than redoing the front with a race suspension I thought I would throw in some new heavy duty springs.  I went with the biggest I could find at .48.  The ride can be a bit rough in the small bumps, but 99% of the time I don't even notice it.  A properly tuned front would eliminate this, but it isn't even remotely problematic enough to make me shell out a couple hundred bucks to fix.

Comfort Mods

I made three HUGE changes to the bike and would do them again in a heartbeat.  First, was the replacement of the stock seat and tank.  I used the A Loop kit which uses the CR seat and tank I believe.  At any rate, I can finally get my weight up on the gas tank.  My riding distance was cut a bit since I lost about a gallon out of the tank, but I generally ride trails so and extra leg stretch trip back to the car isn't a real problem.  The second change was handlebar risers.  HUGE... HUGE... HUGE... improvement!  I am tall and long legged so I was constantly banging my knees on the handlebars when cornering.  Lifting the bars up and away from my body just made the ride all around easier on my body.  The final mod was the handlebars themselves.  I went with a swept set of Renthals.  I love these handlebars and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Safety Mods

There were really only two and both I consider requirements in some form.  First, was a Baja Designs bash plate.  If you are going to ride trails, this is a requirement.  Second, Acerbis rally guards were installed.  I have busted my hands too many times in the past not wearing these.  Never again I say.  A few people ride with their hands way out towards the end of the handlebars thus rub their hands on the edges.  However, us "normal" people don't even notice they are there.

Look Enhancement

Normally I could care less how a dirt bike looks.  However, after installing the A Loop seat and tank I round myself with a white bike using a black tank and seat.  It was freaky looking so I found some Acerbis black plastic.  After installing some Acerbis black plastic, it turned out looking great.  I get a lot of compliments on the bike now.  Even more people asking what it is.  I just grin.

Before Mods

After A Loop Kit

Final (Black Plastic)


XR400R Other Mods

Other Mods

There are a couple of other mods that have been done to the bike that I really love.  The first is the MSR tool pack.  Is basically a two piece leather kit that sits on the back fender just behind the seat.   It velcros to the base which is bolted on.  A strap on the base is then wrapped around it so it won't fly open.  The kit contains an extra plug, Robogrip pliers, MSR all-in-one toolkit (very trick with most metric wrenches and all kinds of screwdrivers), allen wrench keys, Leatherman utility pliers (Swiss army knife of the plier world), and an XR400 plug remover.  Next up is the Panoram bike computer.  This gives me a trip meter and speedometer in addition to a host of niceties such as a lap timer and clock.

MSR Took Pack

MSR Tool Pack Open

MSR Tool Pack Off

Panoram 'Puter

XR400R Mods Still to Come

Still to Come

I would like to install those fork braces everyone keeps talking about.  Also, the QwikSilver pumper carb would be a big addition if it truly does improve throttle response significantly.  Last but not least, a set of burly foot pegs would be excellent. 

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